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The Product

The MADPAK® Universal Utility Belt Clip System is comprised of a single specialized utility belt and belt clip device made from high strength nylon plastic. The utility belt holds hand held items, tools and equipment that have a belt clip or a belt loop up to six inches wide. The utility belt is attached to the belt clip which can mount to a straight or curved edge or bar up to one inch wide. It can also hang on a peg or hook up to one inch wide. This allows the items to be stored, carried and used with virtually unlimited and versatile portability.

The name MADPAK® is an acronym that stands for Multi Attachment Device and Personal Accessory Kit. The fully patented and trademarked Multi Attachment Device includes the integrated utility belt and belt clip. Future product line expansion includes multiple colors and sizes. The Personal Accessory Kit is currently provided and assembled by the user and depending on their needs includes various items, tools and equipment that have a belt clip or a belt loop. The MADPAK® Belt Clip System provides an unprecedented level of utility.

The Idea

This idea was originally conceived to improve safety, efficiency and utility for firefighters. It was observed that firefighters were usually not wearing hearing protection when using power tools such as chainsaws and circular saws. Studies from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) state that factors affecting worker’s acceptance of personal protective equipment (PPE) is that it is convenient, available and clean. Attaching a MADPAK® Belt Clip System containing PPE to a power tool handle bar solves this problem.

Other problems observed during routine and emergency operations included:

- Fanny Pack Problem: EMS fanny pack contains PPE such as face masks, procedure gloves, safety glasses, face shields, and hand sanitizer. The fanny pack is difficult to store and carry when not actually being worn. The belt and buckle being loose and cumbersome falling off or getting in the way and getting caught on other objects. Connecting a fanny pack without a belt and buckle to a MADPAK® Belt Clip System solves this problem.

- Communication Device Problem: Valuable time used to organize, mount, remove and replace multiple communication devices while transitioning to and from routine and emergency operations i.e. from routine to structure firefighting to routine to wildland firefighting and back to routine. Bundling multiple communication devices to one MADPAK® Belt Clip System saves valuable time and solves this problem.

- Computer Tablet Problem: Use of computer tablets in routine program and project management and for command and control during emergency operations lacked convenient hands free carry, quick access and protection from damage. Attaching a computer tablet to a MADPAK® Belt Clip System with a security lanyard will solve this problem.

- SOLUTION: The MADPAK® Belt Clip System solves these and countless other problems with belt mountable items, tools and equipment.

The Markets Served

After addressing firefighter problems, it was quickly realized that other people who will benefit from this product are mobile, active people who need to be hands free and have quick and easy access to the things they use every day. Millions of people with hand held, belt mountable items, tools and equipment that have a belt clip or a belt loop partnered with the MADPAK® Belt Clip System will have virtually unlimited and versatile portability in how and where they store, carry and use their personal accessory kits. This improved safety, efficiency and utility provided by the most versatile belt clip system ever made is also useful throughout first responder, government, construction, manufacturing, shipping, agriculture, transportation, outdoor sportsman and recreation, and many other activities and industries.

The Ask

Are you tired of your hand held items, tools and equipment being dirty, damaged or lost? Don’t get mad, Get MADPAK! at


Product inventor, developer, founder and CEO of MADPAK® Products worked for thirty-three years as a firefighter in Northern California. Most of his career he also worked as a fire department safety program officer and training instructor. He is now a retired chief officer working in the field of wildfire prevention with over forty-five years of fire service experience. He is also a lifelong tradesman and outdoorsman.

MADPAK® Products is a division of Wildfire Prevention Services, Inc.

“Thank You For Your Service First Responders”

MADPAK is a quality product. It's well built with many advantages to my daily work regimen. I would recommend it to others."
— Brian A., Construction Manager
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