Improved Safety and Efficiency.
Made by a firefighter for firefighters and other first responders.
Also useful in government, construction, manufacturing, shipping, agriculture, transportation, outdoor sportsman and recreation, and many other activities.
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MADPAK Universal Utility Belt Clip System


UNIVERSAL: Utility belt works with all types of belt mountable accessories with belt clips or belt loops up to 6 inches wide. This New and Innovative Product works universally with all kinds of hand held tools and equipment.

VERSATILE: Unlimited portability in how and where you store, carry and use your hand tools and equipment. Specialized Belt Clip securely mounts to straight or curved edge or bar up to one inch wide including waist belt, backpack shoulder straps, vehicle magazine racks, power tool handles, ATVs, buckets, bicycles, golf carts/bags, strollers, carts and more. Also can hang on hook or peg up to one inch wide.

STABLE: Five-inch wide handle mount area and retention tabs on belt clip maintain stable positioning and prevent rocking or swinging of mounted items.

STREAMLINED: Contoured and engineered design fits comfortably in hand and on waist for streamlined workflow in multiple routine and emergency operations.

STRONG/DURABLE: Made from rugged and durable high strength nylon plastic that holds up to strenuous and demanding daily use including routine and emergency operations.
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"MADPAK is universal and works with multiple pouches and tools. My co workers even want to buy one."
— Matt T., Foreman Electrician


  • UNIVERSAL - Holds MULTIPLE Belt Mounted Items Together, With a Single Handle
  • PORTABLE - Quick-Swap to/ from: Tool Handles, Waist Belt, Magazine Racks, Hooks, Buckets, Shopping Cart, Golf Bags, ATVs, Bicycles, Strollers, Steering Wheels ... and More!
  • Keeps Items Convenient + Available